Electronic Auction Services

Large organizations (like governments) have a special ability to complicate things, especially when it comes to buying goods and services from other companies. That is why Electronic Auction Services (EASi) developed a really cool system that makes it easy for purchasing managers to find vendors for pretty much any need through a reverse auction process. Basically, organizations post a need and other companies bid on supplying it at the lowest cost.

Goals and Challenges

EASi came to us because they wanted a dynamic tool that could explain their service to purchasing managers very clearly and simply. There are a lot of misconceptions in the industry about “reverse auctions” so they wanted to be aggressive and make sure customers are given a correct impression of how their product is different and better.

The primary challenge we faced was developing a feel that was lively and fun to watch while still being serious enough to fit the target market of corporate purchasing managers. Many of our clients in this situation decide to eliminate all humor, but the EASi team wanted to find a more engaging balance. It actually took a few iterations of the boards and a revision to the animation to get it right - but the video is stronger because of it.


On some projects we really have to work hard to come up with a script that communicates everything we need to in a simple and effective way, but with EASi the scripting process flowed very naturally. We started by illustrating the problem that purchasing managers face, and then introduced EASi and explained how it provides a solution.

Visually we wanted something that matched the very clean and modern aesthetic of the EASi website, so we developed a fun vector style that utilized their nice blue brand colors. The lead animator on the project did an incredible job bringing it to life and actually added some nice flourishes that were not in the original storyboards.

Our last step was to create a shorter version of the video for split testing. We did this by removing details that were helpful, but not completely necessary to understand the service. The EASi team was a lot of fun to work with, and the final product really reflects the overall atmosphere of the project.

Video Analytics Results

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