The Dental Exchange

RUN! The dentists are coming! Well, not really... Far from being sinister, the Dental Exchange is an awesome networking tool for anyone in the dental industry. Among other things, it helps professionals post and find jobs, maintain a resume, and keep up with continuing education requirements in their state.

When our phone rang and I spoke to the D.E. team for the first time, they were still in the beginning stages of developing their website, and were looking for someone to help them explain their concept through a professional animation.

Goals and Objectives

Ultimately they were looking for a video to do three things:

  • 1) Quickly draw in dental professionals on the landing page of their site by explaining the benefits of creating an account.
  • 2) Help spark interest in potential investors.
  • 3) Provide an overview of the most important features to showcase what the site has to offer.


The first challenge we identified was the tremendous range in demographics within the dental industry. Picture your average dentist, hygienist, and office clerk and you will realize what I mean. They are all very different people at different stages of life with very different professional goals. We needed something that would appeal to all of them.

The second challenge was that we needed to filter through the vast number of features and benefits that the Dental Exchange has to offer so we could pick the most important ones for the video. It is ALWAYS easier to make a script longer than it should be, but it takes a lot of work to simplify ideas without losing anything important.


Because each type of dental professional could be interested in a different aspect of the Dental Exchange, we wanted to find a common painpoint that they could all identify with. We came to realize that there are so many resources on the internet for the dental industry that the sheer volume makes it difficult for anyone to find what they need. The Dental Exchange solves this by bringing all relevant resources into a single hub that is customized to fit the needs of each user. Once we identified this, the rest of the message developed naturally and we soon had a solid script.

Overall we decided to go for a straightforward and professional tone that spoke to the viewer directly. Because the video is primarily intended for a landing page, getting to the point is important to keep viewers engaged. To complement this visually we developed a clean vector style that had a professional look and colors that matched the existing branding of the Dental Exchange.

We started with a very abstract approach to the visuals (using shapes and icons instead of realistic scenes), but after the first draft of the boards the client requested that we introduce some characters to make it more personable. When it came time to animate, our team worked to make the video flow seamlessly from beginning to end, with lots of little flourishes along the way that give it a high quality feel.

When we presented the final video, the client was very pleased with the results. The Dental Exchange hasn’t officially launched yet, but from initial reactions, it sounds like the video is already a success. It was a fun project for all of us, and we look forward to watching it on their new site soon.