Dell SecureWorks

SecureWorks is a division of Dell that specializes in enterprise cyber security. Basically they keep mischievous hackers from accessing sensitive information on company networks and send out an alert when suspicious activity is detected. This is the third video that we have created for SecureWorks (in partnership with BKV), and probably our favorite so far.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal for the project was to explain the benefits of Dell SecureWorks’ “Threat Intelligence Management System” to high level IT decision makers and CIOs. As the name suggests, this is a very complex and technical service, so we needed to break it down into something digestible for the target audience.

The Secureworks team requested that we depart from the style of the previous videos and do something with more dimension and even some 3d objects. Overall they wanted it to be less dark and a little more upbeat.  

The Solution

When the project started the SecureWorks team had a draft of the script, so we were able to use that as a starting place for the final version. Our main change was to make the script as short as possible by figuring out which details were necessary, and which ones where just adding complexity.  

Because the video is intended for a very technical audience, the subject matter is somewhat dry. To compensate for this we worked hard to make sure the visuals were captivating, while staying true to the SecureWorks brand. Everything about the video communicates integrity, confidence, and professionalism. The controlled color palette, clean illustration, and matter-of-fact narration helped to keep the overall tone in the right spectrum.

By far, the biggest challenge for our team was integrating the 3d graphics. Using some new software and techniques we were able to develop a look that was fast enough to be practical and stay within budget. The end product is a combination of 2d vector graphics, and true 3d animation that we think looks pretty cool.