Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch – What Explainer Videos Teach Us

By: Micah Neidhart. There you are, standing in a group of important new acquaintances and everyone is taking turns explaining what they do. [...]

Promoting Your Videos On Social Media

By: Esther Bowman. Before the internet, advertising wasn’t as easy. Product discussions were conducted in person or over the phone. No [...]

Book Review: The Art of Explanation

By: David Bowman. We’ve all witnessed explanations that have gone horribly wrong. Maybe it was in class, when your teacher geeked out abou [...]

Book Review: Duct Tape Marketing

By: Esther Bowman. What can we say? John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing is brilliant. It’s not often that you  read a book that cont [...]

4 Reasons To Keep Your Video Short & Sweet

By: Esther Bowman  It’s safe to say that all sales pitches are hard to condense,especially if you’re enthusiastic about the product you [...]

What is the Commotion Production Process?

By: Micah Neidhart If you are interested in creating a Commotion for your business you probably want to know a little about what the process [...]

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

By: Esther Bowman.  There are many forms of marketing out there. Most of them fall into two categories: the ones that reach out to their ta [...]

Whiteboard Videos: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

By: Micah Neidhart.  These days animated whiteboard videos are very popular on the internet. They are used for everything from illustrating [...]

Our Art Gallery

 Welcome to The Commotion Engine Art Gallery! Be sure and check out our collection below to get better acquainted with our team.   Mic [...]
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